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Natural materials and rural lifestyle

Our Country Shop offers a wide assortment of linen fabrics, bedlinen and linen interior textiles. 
Linen is a durable antibacterial material and sensitive to your skin. Well cared for linen becomes more beautiful and nicely softer the more it is used.

Ingegerd Niemi designs and manufactures warm gloves, hats, vests and slippers in sheepskin. Luxurious mosaic-sheepskin rugs and cushion covers are tailormade. Sheepskin is a ecological and long-lasting material.

You can also buy sheepskins, wool yarns in natural and natural dyed colours. Attend one of our courses in natural dyeing to discover the facinating ancient method of dyeing wool.

Our country shop is open Saturdays 11-17 or call us prior at +358-500-488669. Our Web Shop is open 24 hours!

Rejböle Gård, Rejbölentie 300 Rejbölevägen, Karjaa 10380 Karis, Finland